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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® V11.03

SendXMS (formerly SendSMS) is the most powerful and scalable program to send and receive Short Messages (SMS, EMS, MMS, USSD, ...). This software is available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD (if required other systems are also possible).

In usual business SendXMS is able to simplify the communication channels in many ways. For example employees can be informed about incoming emails, alert messages from an automation systems can de submitted and much more. Using the userexit mechanism you can realise complex communication systems (such as multi level alarming systems or different information systems (weather, stock exchange, etc.).

Among other things SendXMS also provides the ability to send binary data such as ringing tones, operator logos, pictures and so on and is able to handle 'long short messages (splitting and reassembling of long messages into single SMSs). Even voice messages, DTMF sequences and UUS messages (User-User-Signaling with CAPI; using the D-channel without any fee) can be sent. Of course SendXMS does also support large accounts (Professional-Edition) and can be used as a virtual SMSC/MMSC (VXMSC-Edition). So you can for example also use SendXMS as a protocol converter between the differnet supported protocols.

SendXMS is used all over the world in varying environments and systems for fast and reliable communication and submits the SMS data using different protocols like UCP (EMI), TAP, SMPP, CIMD, OIS, UAP, GSM, ES 201 912 (SMS for ISDN), OneAPI (based on Parlay) (SMS, MMS, Location, Capability, Payment), SIP Extension for Instant Messaging, HTTP (SMS over HTTP, Twitter, ...), MM1, MM7, EAIF. MMS-F, SendXMS supports modems (analog and ISDN), voice modems, GSM modems, VoIP accounts, CAPI 2.0, X.25, X.31, ISDN terminal adapters, AT-command emulators (e.g. cFos, HiSax) and TCP/IP, PPP connections. It doesn't matter whether a modem is connected serial, via USB or via Ethernet (AT over Ethernet).


Because of the command line interface SendXMS is very flexible and can be integrated without difficulty into new or already existing IT infrastructures.

You can test SendXMS for a period of 20 days without any charge. After this period you have to order SendXMS.