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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik BAIbreaker V02.00.02


BAIbreaker is a simple, amusing and stressless game with which we have tested the cross-platform programming for different mobile operating system some time ago.

The playing field consists of an array of balls in 5 different colors. By clicking two or more same colored and ajacent balls they are first selected and then removed from the matrix. The more balls at once are removed the more points (n * (n - 1)) the player gets credited. The aim of the game is to remove a maximum number of balls (all) and/or to collect as many points as possible (the time required does not matter). The count of balls (both horizontally and vertically) can be configured. The size of the balls is adjusted according to the defined number of balls. You can configure up to 4 different players, with an own game statistic for each one.

This app requires NO permissions and so it can't access any private data and can't submit any data.

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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik BAIlogger V01.03.20


With BAIlogger configurable events - like SMS, MMS, Calls, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, External power, Docking station, USB devices, USB debugging, Application manager, ... - can be logged automatically. All data is stored just in a local database (no cloud services are used). If available also the current geoposition will be stored for each event. So it is for example possible to check at any time when and where you received a particular call. For this purpose, you can either simply display just the corresponding address or the location in a map.

Furthermore, you can configure whether at all and/or after how many days old protocol entries should be deleted automatically. Similarly, the execution of this app can be protected by a password and a fingerprint (basic protection against unwanted execution, but this does not lead to an encrypted database). The app (monitoring the events to be logged) can be started automatically during system startup or manually.

You can configure that the Android setting for automatically syncing of app data (MasterSync) will be controlled. In case that this option would be (accidentally) activated it will be turned back immediately.

In case you have enabled root access you can change the settings for the fullscreen (immersive) mode for all apps. You can show or hide the status bar, the navigation bar or both.

To activate/deactivate Bluetooth, a multi-click of the Power button can be configured. And it is also possible to define a timeout for Bluetooth. If within the specified period no Bluetooth connection is established, the Bluetooth service is automatically deactivated again.

If the used Android device does not support notification reminders, this can be done by BAIlogger. In the app settings you can define a period after which you will be reminded about open notifications by playing this alarm again.

You can also define additional actions which will be executed if the used device will be connected/disconnected to a power supply or to a computer.

The list of logged events can be filtered by event types (SMS, MMS, Call, Bluetooth, Mobile data, ...) and/or by entries with or without geopositions. Whether a geoposition exists for a specific event can be recognized by a place marker icon for this event. By supporting the FastScroll property also huge lists can be quickly and easily scrolled through.

Additional features will follow ....

To be able to monitor the different events BAIlogger requires many permissions (even if a user does not use individual functions). We guarantee that these permissions are only used for the purposes described here and all data is stored only localy. In case that you distrust you can revoke individual permissions after installation (e.g. using XPrivacy).

This app requires at least Android 5.1.

˅ Description of the BAIlogger settings

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To install an app you just have to download the app directly to your device or to install the .apk file using a computer with a command like 'adb install <app>.apk'.

Feedback and/or constructive suggestions/reviews will be gratefully received.