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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® Download

Select and download the software for the required operating. The downloaded Windows versions can be executed directly. For the other versions please unpack the donwloaded archive file and then execute the unpacked file.

If you download this software you agree to our Conditions of License and Use. All files - offered here for download - are checked regularly with actual antivirus software.

Operating system (OS) Version MD5 checksum
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86) V10.17 32 bit 31e4184045683d842427eae46a574630
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.17 64 bit 43081ec4ead0095ec80793abb5b207c3
SendXMS for Linux (ARM32) (glibc ≥ 2.28) (e.g.: Raspberry) V10.17 32 bit 84a0fecf3ea99ff2e47218e3ad05fc1b
SendXMS for Linux (ARM64) (glibc ≥ 2.28) (e.g.: Raspberry) V10.17 64 bit 87cf94db606accfaa3d230d6fccf4984
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.17 32 bit d31a6e36fcceb55907134cb3c9eee5e9
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.17 64 bit 34b6252beea678782834f8d7e58d865b
SendXMS for Windows (x86) V10.17 32 bit 629624c68422774348e18a935ff53a9e
SendXMS for Windows (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.17 64 bit 83615eaf7e68fd9e221d90d73ef90eaa

Please contact us if you require a version for another/older operating system.