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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik SendXMS® Download (new with VoIP support)

Select and download the software for the required operating. The downloaded Windows versions can be executed directly. For the other versions please unpacked the donwloaded archive file and then execute the unpacked file.

If you download this software you agree to our Conditions of License and Use. All files - offered here for download - are checked regularly with actual antivirus software.

Operating system (OS) Version MD5 checksum
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86) V10.08 32 bit c95087bfea3c544e0236c6a01ffcdbfa
SendXMS for FreeBSD (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.08 64 bit 8e85611619712c6f7596a3318bc1f7e8
SendXMS for Linux (ARM32) (glibc ≥ 2.7) (e.g.: Raspberry) V10.08 32 bit 5a884b198c939c363202478563f50652
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.08 32 bit 052530dd0e946c7b8ab7609dd8e718a9
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.7) V10.08 32 bit f4f1c6030919e7aff7cb2e8aaef8479f
SendXMS for Linux (x86) (glibc ≥ 2.4) V10.08 32 bit 24af1aab7b6ddf83cb9d0ae38efb4fb3
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.14) V10.08 64 bit 835adedfbefa0a5a2bf3b5c48ca08a2e
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.7) V10.08 64 bit f0f105dfeba1b023a2a9c5b0e084c4c0
SendXMS for Linux (x86_64, x64, amd64) (glibc ≥ 2.4) V10.08 64 bit 6fcd3aeea4d384ac2a7460efbdb2454b
SendXMS for MacOS (x86) V10.08 32 bit 877181e13fbec97853d928f927c9e4b7
SendXMS for MacOS (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.08 64 bit 8da8a5d1d2e998c71d1e04f2f9d7547a
SendXMS for Solaris (x86) V10.08 32 bit 945d0ec32f55e89066e3e2edf7b3fb51
SendXMS for Solaris (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.08 64 bit 4b049c39320db28113ad7319a192146b
SendXMS for Windows (x86) V10.08 32 bit e1175a0e6a8f8a7bcf5fafd283861c7d
SendXMS for Windows (x86_64, x64, amd64) V10.08 64 bit 28a4174ca329dccc3fe43238427c608b

In case that you want to use an Android device in SendXMS you can also use our app ttySendXMS.